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latex error: .xbb (no BoundingBox) for pdf files

So I have been encountering this error a lot for the pdf files which were working fine on one machine but after being shifted to other, could not compile me tex file. After spending quite a bit of time in fixing from with in latex, a friend recommended should just fix the pdfs themselves

so do following

%first convert pdf to eps

pdftops -eps yourPDFName.pdf yourPDFName.eps

%convert to eps with bounding box 

epstool –copy –bbox yourPDFName.eps –output yourPDFNameNew.eps

%convert back to pdf

epstopdf yourPDFNameNew.eps



LaTeX; by a beginner

Going to start working in the Latex. Yes, I am MS. Word user, even for writing equations I use the WORD.

But now I have pushed into this unknown world of LaTeX.  A friend has told me to use this editor. He says it helps the people crippled by the word processing softwares. Help them getting away from the addiction of moving a mouse and doing the work.

Will install it and see how it goes.