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NIPS 2012: Multimodal Learning with Deep Boltzmann Machines

This is quite interesting paper from from the Ruslan (Toronto University) ( project page:,  video-lecture [they used Gaussian RBM while making DBM]

Interesting interms of application and how the DBM is used.

multi modal DBM

In this way they can use it given one set of features to find others. I will recommend watching the video lecture.


Cosegmentation collecting implementation

Hi everyone, I am trying to develop a collect links to the implementations of Cosegmentation algorithms (in any language C/C++, Java, matlab, python, etc…). Unfortunately very few authors make their implementations public, so it becomes difficult for the new work in the area to compare their algorithm with what previously have been done.

CVPR 2012

Computer Vision algorithms where are implementations?

Why can’t one find the implementations of papers published in prestigious conferences and journals? even one which have been published 2 years back?
It takes way an important tool to compare current algorithms with the previous works. If you want to compare you have implement that paper and end up figuring out all the tweaking parameters. This greatly hampers both the speed of research as well introduces the mistrust, did the author’s algorithm really working? or I am making some mistake? was the tweaking done by hand? or there is some other algorithm picking up those values?

CVPR, ECCV and other prestigious conferences should ask the authors to make their implementations available or available on request at-least after the conferences are held. I know certain research’s implementation could not be made available due to contractual obligations however if the algorithm is been published it should come with some open source implementation or atleast an executable for the popular platforms.

SimpleCV; another Computer Vision Open Source Library

SimpleCV ( is a python based library. Have not tried that, but it looks interesting. Question is how it is different from OpenCv or just in different language.

Boundary For Object Detection

Reading “A Boundary Fragment Model for object Detection” by Oplet et. al. (The third authoris Zisserman)

This paper uses Distance Transform using the Chamfer Distance.

The explanation could be found here

But much better and simple explanation is in the paper “Hierarchical Chamfer Matching: A parametric Edge Matching Algorithm” by Gunilla Borgefors.

However the nice explanation is also here

Code could be found here