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Using Mendeley in Evernote

Finally I have found Evernote to be better than many other softwares for taking notes online, clipping them, arranging them etc… However Evernote is not the citation facility atleast I did not found it’s utility as such. For this I need Mendeley.

I keep all my research papers and other things in the Mendeley, but there is no way facility in Mendeley to make notes or collect them cite them, give them proper structure. For this I need Evernote.

But you cannot cite Mendeley entries in Evernote, which is quite frustrating. I found this to be one requesting such feature. Right now it has very small number of votes. It needs your help. Please give votes to this feature so that we can cite our research cataloged by Mendeley in our Evernotes and remove one more excuse of why we are not doing proper research 🙂