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Cosegmentation collecting implementation

Hi everyone, I am trying to develop a collect links to the implementations of Cosegmentation algorithms (in any language C/C++, Java, matlab, python, etc…). Unfortunately very few authors make their implementations public, so it becomes difficult for the new work in the area to compare their algorithm with what previously have been done.

CVPR 2012


What we can do with Curiosity’s 64×64 and 256×256 images from Mars

Images we are getting from the Curiosity rover are just 64×64 or 256×256.

In the world of high resolutions images and multi-spectral cameras, we have device which sending us only 64×64 or 256×256 images. What can we do with it? What kind of computer vision algorithms could be run and information could be extracted?

It will be interesting to look in this direction…. to see what could be done here.

shadow in Gale Crater on Mars