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Computer Vision algorithms where are implementations?

Why can’t one find the implementations of papers published in prestigious conferences and journals? even one which have been published 2 years back?
It takes way an important tool to compare current algorithms with the previous works. If you want to compare you have implement that paper and end up figuring out all the tweaking parameters. This greatly hampers both the speed of research as well introduces the mistrust, did the author’s algorithm really working? or I am making some mistake? was the tweaking done by hand? or there is some other algorithm picking up those values?

CVPR, ECCV and other prestigious conferences should ask the authors to make their implementations available or available on request at-least after the conferences are held. I know certain research’s implementation could not be made available due to contractual obligations however if the algorithm is been published it should come with some open source implementation or atleast an executable for the popular platforms.


Can Computer Vision do that?

I was listening to one Bach as recorded for BBC Proms Bach Day ‘Passacaglia and fugue’, in the comments of youtube video there was reference to the Flute player.  I wanted to know where the video captured the Flute player so I had to walk through whole video (somewhat Binary search manner) until I found the video clip.

While searching I began wondering can recent technology solve problem of finding that part of video where it shows certain instrument is being “played”. Note the PLAYED part.

The naive way is to find the frames where e.g. Flute is being shown, then use the sound analysis to find whether in  those frames we can hear the Flute sound or not. It appears to be good solution, however the problem is finding where the Flute is being played is not easy when many other instruments are also playing. Secondly it’s not necessarily that the flute person that is being shown is actually playing flute also.

Question is Can we judge (both using the sound and not using sound) whether in given clip some instrument is being “PLAYED” or is being just shown,

Try this by looking at this video while you enjoy the amazing Bach (From 4:37)