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Bean Machine; demonstrating Central Limit Theorem

During searching for some material related to Gauss I came through this interesting machine called Bean Machine.  Following Image is from the Wikipedia.

Bean Machine; From Wikipedia

Bean Machine

The idea is that balls dropped from top and gets randomly moved as they bounce off from the pins. Finally after the end of the  pins the are collected by one of the bins. After sufficient number of balls have been dropped the Bell Shape starts to appear, made by the height of how many balls are in each bin.

However this more interesting figure has been taken from the Wikipedia’s Normal Distribution article entry.


LaTeX; by a beginner

Going to start working in the Latex. Yes, I am MS. Word user, even for writing equations I use the WORD.

But now I have pushed into this unknown world of LaTeX.  A friend has told me to use this editor. He says it helps the people crippled by the word processing softwares. Help them getting away from the addiction of moving a mouse and doing the work.

Will install it and see how it goes.

Mendeley and Zotero

Have started using Both 🙂

Both have their pros and cons.

I like Zotero because it is right in my Browser, click it and you can add tags search through it. Want to add webpages no problem. Link different documents with each other, add crazy tags, notes and other things. Amazing isn’t it.

Don’t like just because it is Browser. Well I am not huge fan of Firefox especially after the Chrome. Somehow Firefox and my comptuer’s memory management does not go hand by hand. And the Zotero Does not work with Chrome 😦

And Mendeley allows to see and put notes INSIDE the PDF. Well Frankly with the Apple’s Tablet on the Way I hope they can add feature to write on the PDF with PEN rather than that YELLOW Post-it appearing; but till then this option looks nice to me.

There is one big problem with the Mendeley, it does not allow you to note down the website. For example I was searching for some Image Datasets and I went to INRIA’s page. Now I wanted to store it and tag it as dataset so that I can access it afterwards. Yes I can bookmark it but what is the point of bookmarking if you have to save and access someother interface for this. Mendeley does not allow it. I don’t know why but they don’t. However Zotero does.

However there is Mendeley has the option to sync the Zotero, but it only syncs the PDF and nothing else. Therefore my line of action is use Zotero while working online and Mendeley for the offline work.