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Shape Carving

The paper A Theory of Shape by Space Carving

Still Have To Read


Image Registration using Splines

For the class presentation, studying following paper

Hierarchical spline-based image registration. Szeliski, Richard and Coughlan, James. Seattle, WA, USA : Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1994. Proceedings CVPR ’94., 1994 IEEE Computer Society Conference on, 1994. Registration.

Quite old paper. Still trying to understand why it works and why it does not. 

One of the major problem I was having was regarding it’s datasets. 


Structure from Motion

Studying the Nonrigid Structure from Motion in Trajectory Space by Ijaz et. al.

Have to give presentation in front of the study group here.

To understand it properly I will recommen reading “A Closed-Form Solution to Non-Rigid Shape and Motion Recovery” by Xiao, Chai, Kanade, IJCV 2006. They properly explains the mathematics of it.

The starting work I think was from Tomasi Kanade (Tomasi Kanade Fractorization ) “Shape and motion from image streams under orthography: a factorization method” 1992,